Global Data Centers

Tailored to your advanced business needs


As a global hosting provider, MagicNet has been providing hosting solutions and services for both companies & individuals for over a decade. We believe that our success depends upon delivering superior products and creating the best experience to our customers. Our hosting services are designed to meet the ever- growing demands of our customers.

With a strong focus on innovation, we always strive to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. Over the last few years, we continuously expand our data centers around the world.

Server location really matters. Your website speed and reliability depends on a hosting location. With our cutting-edge global hosting centers, you get flexibility, speed and amazing performance as well as powerful and reliable hosting infrastructure. All our global data centers are maintained to the highest quality standards.

At MagicNet, we are more than just a standard web hosting service provider. MagicNet specializes in multiple location hosting, offering an array of hosting plans to choose from, for any business needs. Discover our global hosting locations now!